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Digital Transformation

easyDAM - Digital Asset Management (DAM)

easyDAM Digital Asset Management is the management, organization, and distribution of digital assets from a central repository. easyDAM is the tool that sacrifies your DAM needs. We are providing Software as a Service (SaaS) model platform, we will take care of your IT needs aswell.

Digital Flipbook

Publish your printed PDF documents online using flipping book machanism and ensure a low cost worldwide distribution of your documents ... Not to mention offering Internet users an incomparable reading experience. If you have a large product catalogue. Digital flipbook allows you to maximize the investment you have made in it by distributing it globally, for a fraction of the cost. And if you have an e-commerce site you have the possibility of connecting each of the catalogues featured products to its saleable equivalent on your website.

Easy and creative way of marketing
Publishing and sharing as a weblink
Integrate Promotional video's
Easy to share in eMail
Integrated text search
Covert PDF to easyflip

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